We are dedicated to pursuing the best and most advanced technologies available in order to better serve our patients. The following are just a few technologies that we utilize at the office to help deliver the best care possible.

 Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) - This technology has made it possible for us to see the 3D relationship of structures in the head and neck region. This allows us to determine the source of pain and infection when present; it allows us to really visualize any bone loss and pathology present. CBCT also shows the amount of bone present in a particular region, which gives us a better understanding of whether an implant can be placed or if grafting is be needed for a more predictable result. 

 Intraoral Scanning - Instead of using traditional impression methods that can often be uncomfortable, we are now able to simply scan the teeth using our intraoral scanner and create a 3D model. This model can be used for making retainers, bite guards, and even implant plans. 

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