Intraoral Scanner

We have been using intraoral scanners for several years now, and we have seen many benefits to patients during that time.


Less Mess, Less Stress

Intraoral scanning is far superior in terms of comfort to the patient, especially if someone has a strong gag reflex. Where we once needed impressions with a slightly thick, goopy material, we can use the scanner to easily and seamlessly make an impression. Since the instrument is never near the throat, most patients do not suffer from an overactive gag reflex. 


Clearer Communication 

Digital models make it much easier for our office to demonstrate what your final smile will look like. We are able to digitally manipulate the models by adding teeth and preparing a mock-up that shows your final smile. This makes it easier for you to understand what we are talking about when we speak about treatment, and it lets you see what is possible before it even begins. 



Digital scanners very accurately display what is present in the mouth. We are able to check the image and ensure the accuracy of the bite and the impression before you even leave the office. That way, if we see anything that we need to change about the models, we can do it without having to reschedule another trip back to the office. 


Call us today and take advantage of this great technology!