Digital Planning and Printing

With the use of our intraoral scanners and CBCT, we are now able to harness the power of technology and plan your cases digitally. We very rarely require the use of impression materials to create a mold of your teeth. The following steps are how we take your information and turn them into a treatment plan designed specifically for you. 


  • CBCT - We start with a CBCT scan, which is a 3D x-ray of your jaws. This information tells us where the bone is located and whether we need to complete any bone grafting. Sometimes, we have to bone graft before we can place an implant in order to ensure the best, longest-lasting outcome for you. 
  • Intraoral scan - Next, we take a scan of your teeth using our intraoral scanner. This machine creates a series of pictures that it puts together to form digital models. These models help us to look at the amount of space you have and allow us to plan where the final teeth will go.
  •  Digital Mock-ups - Once we have the basic information, we will digitally put teeth into the positions where they should go. This allows us to look at your new smile. We can either do this at our office or we can send it to our talented lab. 
  • Implant planning - Using our advanced software, we can take all of this information and determine the exact location of your future implants.
  • Guide and Model Printing - Through the process, we may print several guides or models that will help us create your ideal smile. These include surgical guides for implant placement or models to create temporary retainers. 


Please ask us about any of our technology capabilities! We are happy to demonstrate!